Our station does have a social hall that is available to rent for whatever occasion you may be planning.  For more information, please call the hall at (814) 371-0490 and leave us a message or submit a message in the message builder below and one of our trustees will get in touch with you.  

The fee to rent the social hall is as follows:  
          $100 rental fee
          $150 deposit if you are not having alcohol at your function
          $200 deposit if you are having alcohol at your function

If you are a member of the fire company and would like to rent the hall, please contact one of the Trustees for member rates.


Our station does fill swimming pools!  The rates for this summer will be $100 per load in Sabula's call box area,  if you are outside of our first due area the price is $150 per load.  For pool filling, please call Deputy Fire Chief, Mark Volosky at (814) 771-0214.


For the last couple of years our station has commited to helping high schoolers fulfill their community service projects for graduation requirements.

If you know a student that would like to log some hours, please call the fire company or leave us a message using the message builder below and one of our members will get in touch with you.

Previously, we've had students come and help clear and clean tables during our monthly pancake breakfasts and help with cleanup afterwards.  We are a very busy station and always have something going on so the possibilites are limitless as to what your student could help with.


 Our meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm.